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Watercolor Swatch Book

I finished another handmade sketchbook, this time out of Arches Watercolor paper and some really cute paisley fabric. I got lucky and was able to purchase a couple of 22"x30" sheets on sale at a local art supply store. I decided to use this one as a Swatch Book for one of my 24 color Palettes .  I got the idea for the Zentangle Swatch Book from a  YouTube Video  from Notable Ink . I really liked the idea of having a handy mixing chart of your palette and practice your Zentangle doodles at the same time. If you don’t want to go through all the work of the Swatch Book and/or drawing the pages, I think you can buy the designs ready-made for download from her site. And yes, there were moments when I was considering just buying the pages myself, but I decided to stick with it and keep practicing. That’s why we doodle, right? To get better at it.  I started with Phthalo Blue (green shade) and ended up with some really nice greens. I especially like the Burnt Sienna combination; it