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Making a Bullet Journal from Scratch

I am trying out a Paper pack I saw on Amazon, Canson 90 Pound Watercolor paper (see Supplies listed below) to make another Bullet Journal. I used some of my other Sketch/Notebooks I made previously, but they seemed really bulky because of the heavy Watercolor paper. I wanted to see if I could find a little thinner paper that could still take some Watercolor and most of the Markers I use--no luck so far, any of the papers I tried can't take Copic Markers without heavy bleed-through 🙁  This is a pretty long post, as I try to include pictures of the steps to complete this project. There is a lot more detail that can be covered, but there is so much already published on this that I just included links to references I use myself. The completed Journal The first thing I do is cut the paper down to the correct size. I don't want to do too much calculating and I also want to make it easy to print my dots and my Laser Printer doesn't take anything larger than normal Letter Size (8.
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Inktober 2021

Yay! I just finished my second year in a row of Inktober! I had tried a few times before that but was never able to stick with it and finish the whole month. This time was difficult for me for a couple of reasons. One, I didn't really care for the official prompt list--sorry the words didn't spark too many ideas with me, other than the obvious, literal ones from the prompts themselves. And two, I was disappointed in the sketchbook I had selected for this year. I had heard so many good things about the Rendr paper that I was excited to try it. I thought it was perfect for something like the Inktober challenge, because it would lend itself to different media depending on the particular day's prompt. Well, being an Inktober newsletter subscriber, I got the prompt list earlier than the official release date, so I had time to do some prep work, which I spent making thumbnail sketches of as many prompts as I could think of (I got all bot the last week or so) and even did an insid

Watercolor Swatch Book

I finished another handmade sketchbook, this time out of Arches Watercolor paper and some really cute paisley fabric. I got lucky and was able to purchase a couple of 22"x30" sheets on sale at a local art supply store. I decided to use this one as a Swatch Book for one of my 24 color Palettes .  I got the idea for the Zentangle Swatch Book from a  YouTube Video  from Notable Ink . I really liked the idea of having a handy mixing chart of your palette and practice your Zentangle doodles at the same time. If you don’t want to go through all the work of the Swatch Book and/or drawing the pages, I think you can buy the designs ready-made for download from her site. And yes, there were moments when I was considering just buying the pages myself, but I decided to stick with it and keep practicing. That’s why we doodle, right? To get better at it.  I started with Phthalo Blue (green shade) and ended up with some really nice greens. I especially like the Burnt Sienna combination; it

A Bit of Mindless Doodling

 I haven’t been able to do a lot of drawing and painting recently, mostly because I’ve been having problems with my vision. A couple of years ago, I had cataract surgery on my right eye and since then I was able to get around without my glasses which I’d worn for decades. The only thing I needed was cheap readers you can buy anywhere, so no prescriptions—yay!  However, my left eye has been giving me issues for the last couple of months and I’ve been inching closer and closer to the computer screen during work. So, off to the Doctors I went and, sure enough, I need to have cataract surgery on the left eye too, as well as some corrective lenses while they’re at it. So, after watching Sandy Allnock’s Finding the zone by doodling nonsense video , I decided to just do just that. I grabbed a stretch book I made just for doodling, my TWSBI Fountain Pen, a pencil and started making some random lines and circles on a page..   Then the hard part (for me anyway) begins. I never know how to start

Welcome to my New Blog

If you tried to go to Cards and Doodles and ended up here, don't worry, your computer didn't get hijacked, just redirected to my new blog address.  This is a continuation of the Switching Email Accounts   Post, where I needed to change the domain name I used with my previous Blog (Cards and Doodles-dot-com) and, until everyone knows about the new blog and I can change all the references in my other Social Media Accounts (fb, IG, Pinterest, etc.) I'm just sending everyone from the old site to the new one. There isn't much content here yet since I decided to pack light and, as you can read in my About Page, I decided to start with some fresh ideas and projects. I hope you'll come along my new journey and explore some new (and not so new) Art Moods.  

Coming Soon - Destash

Keeping in line with my new Blog name/motto and my latest Mood--I'm into Zentangle and Cartonnage at the moment, I decided to  thin out my collection of Stamps and Dies and do a Destash .  Obviously, I'm not getting rid of everything, I still have  A LOT of Stamps and Dies, many of which I won't part with (yes, there are a few My Monthly Hero Kits  from Hero Arts in that Camp 😊so don't even ask) I'm not sure how exactly I'm going to go about it yet, but I think the easiest will be what I've seen other crafters do is to perhaps create a separate Instagram account and link my PayPal to it.  I'm also considering using Notion , which is something I've been playing with recently (Geek alert--you can skip this paragraph if you like) and setting up a Gallery Page in my Notion area for the items I'd like to sell and also point to my PayPal for payment (not sure how to do that yet tho). Anyway, I still need to sort out the pictures and decide on pricin

Switching email accounts

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Geek alert - skip this post if you're not interested in the sorted details of how to 'downsize' from a Web hosted Blog to a free one (like this on on Blogger) and switch your email accounts without losing any emails in the process. Since I haven't posted anything to my old blog in a long time--ok probably since the Divorce (hmmm, wonder if there is a correlation here?) and my Web hosting renewal is coming up again (pretty pricey, especially if you're only using the email part0, I thought I'd take a long, hard look at what I have and how I can streamline everything. This is nothing against the Web hosting company, I just didn't have a need for the heavy-duty Wordpress maintained (with plug-ins, admin dashboard, etc.) Website services anymore. And, since my domain names (I have a couple) came up for renewal, I noticed that the company I use for that ( ) also offered a couple of simple email hosting options--yay! So, whil