About Me

Over the years I've gone from paper Scrapbooking to digital Scrapbooking to (amateur) photography to Card making. Throughout my journey, I've always loved doodling and even tried my hand at Zentangling off and on. My most recent Moods included book binding and Leather Crafts.

Honestly, I seem to have a bit of a focus issue and like to switch between art mediums quite a bit. I catch something interesting on Social Media and end up getting sucked into hours of instructional videos on whatever struck my fancy at the time. Or, to put a positive spin on it, I have a lot of interests in various forms of art--😊

I've had a few blogs over the years ranging from photography to card making with a bit of DIY and sewing mixed in when I encountered a major setback which is probably familiar to a number of people. I went through a painful Divorce a few years back which completely took away my crafting Mojo and am still trying to bounce back even to this day. I did receive a lot of support from my crafty friends online (thank you, lovely Instagram Crafting Community!), but that, in addition to existing health issues, took a lot out of me and I wasn't able to continue the old blog as I hoped.

So, now I'm hoping to start fresh. I picked up doodling and tangling again, renovated my kitchen--although unintentionally (I had water damage and had to replace the flooring) and tried a couple of new crafts: Box making/bookbinding and creating Leather goods, like Tote Bags and wallets (no shoes though 😊). Oh, and I am now the proud owner servant of two (rescue) cats, Soxx 😼 and Dusty 😺 who pretty much run the house!

Soxx the Cat and his Hooman
Soxx the cat says Hi

Stay tuned and wish me luck in getting on my feet again through doing what I love--ART 💜